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21 Saltash Road, Ilford, England IG6 2NL
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+44 7883 320564


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  • Peter
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    Please do not fall in a trap and end up hiring Simvik Ltd based on wonderful pictures and online write ups. These are not what they appear. Those who have hired this company had to have all of the works re-done again. This will include the roof, electrics, plumbing, guttering, floor tiling as they will start to move after a few weeks of walking traffic. All cables in the walls and understand ground will be buried naked without any conduits. You will have cracks in your walls and ceilings through out the house. You will have issues with the project every conceivable area. You won't be able to query any of the defective works because you'll be threatened with the project being abandoned. And if you refuse to make the scheduled weekly payments because of your dissatisfaction of poor quality of works then the tools will most definitely be downed and project abandoned. You will then have the builder saying he was owed further sums of monies. This is the REAL Simvik Ltd building services.
  • Cheryl
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    We hired Simvik Ltd to extend and renovate our house. The project started well enough but at the end we were left with an endless list of defective and non-completed works including leaking roofs, defective electrical works resulting in the consumer unit constantly tripping off, heating not working, these are just some to mention, the list is endless. Having been promised that every item of defect would be put right at the end the project was abandoned by which stage all of the contracted money had been paid. Having been left with an incomplete abandoned project subsequently Simvik claimed they were owed further sums of monies and that they wouldn't be returning. This is an awful experience we had with Simvik Ltd and we do not wish anyone else to experience the same. To avoid this you may want to consider hiring some one else.

    Cheryl SE10
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